Sunday, February 27, 2011 are not my friend.

I haven't reported much lately because luckily there hasn't been much to report. Jim hasn't had any clinic appointments for the last couple of weeks so it has been relatively quiet in our house. He has had wound care 2x/wk with the wounds slowly but surely improving. They allowed him a short hiatus from the vac this weekend but sadly it will be going back on tomorrow. We do return to clinic tomorrow for our first appointment in 2 weeks thus the anxiety about what the labs will report. They will be looking at creatinine, anti-reject med levels, and pancreatic enzymes. I will be sure to write tomorrow and let everyone know how things went.

Prayer Requests: Labs look good, wound has improved, increased tolerance for Jim with his vac.

Bible Verse: "And He will be their peace." Micah 5:5

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  1. Kris and Jim, I'm thinking of you both. I hope the appointment today went well and that all the numbers were good. Love you guys!! :)