Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Been Awhile

So first off I would like to apologize for not keeping everyone up to speed lately. It has been so fun starting to get a glimpse of what normal life is like that I ran a little off track.

Let's start with the good news: 1- Jim started a new job- he is working as a tech at a local therapy clinic. It is an outpatient facility working with adults so the germ exposure is a little smaller (so this makes me happy) 2- Jim also received his acceptance letter into COTA school!! YAY!! What does this mean? It means that Jim will begin school to become an OT assistant in August. He is beginning to chase his dreams that have been on hold for so long.

Now for a little loop- knowing our journey you knew this was coming. We had a follow up appointment on Monday and things did not go as planned. He had his second glofil test and the results were the exact opposite of the first time. His results this time were in the 40's. This test is the most accurate way to test kidney function. Unfortunately a number in the 40's is not the number we would like. This in itself is not something to raise a red flag however his creatinine also went up to 1.8 and his white blood cell count was extremely low. All of these things together were enough to raise the flag! They performed a sonogram to look for bleeding or blockage and this was negative. The physicians made some adjustments to a few of his medications that may cause his white blood cell count to be so low. They also are having him complete another 24 urine collection. He will return to clinic on Friday for yet more blood tests and hopefully we will have better numbers or at least some answers. As of right now we have no conclusive data. We are hoping that all of the little "weirdness" is a just a glich and that on Friday his numbers will return to normal.

Prayer Requests: Numbers return to baseline, peace for donor family, safe travel for all this holiday weekend, healing for families in Joplin.

Bible Verse: "In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed." Exodus 15:13
(Please, pray that this verse moves my heart so that I know that the Lord is leading Jim and I and that He has a plan for us.)

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  1. Am sure the Lord directed me today to search out your blog and thereby was able to read your May 24 message. Will send out the prayer request right away and trust He is leading us all into His will and plan for our lives. Meanwhile I found your wedding pix - stunning! So happy Jim has been accepted into COTA school.